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Personal injury & fatal accident claims

A personal injury can result in a loss of earnings or in the case of a fatal accident in a loss of dependency.  In cases where someone is found to be at fault and their actions directly resulted in the loss, a loss of earnings claim can be brought against them.  We can assist with the quantification of a loss of earnings claim.

Where the injured party is a business owner and has significant involvement in the running of their business, quantification of a loss of earnings can be complex.  We are engaged to assist where the injured party’s business suffers as a result of the injured party being unable to work for a period of time following the accident and the business owner in turn suffers a loss of earnings.

We are typically instructed by the injured party’s or insurance company’s legal advisors, and may also be engaged as a shadow expert to review and assess the reasonableness of loss calculations prepared by another expert.

We are willing to help at any stage of proceedings, including at the very outset to review if there is likely to be a substantial claim or not.

We are familiar with the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules and related Practice Directions in relation to the provision of expert evidence.

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